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Aussie bush essential oil blend

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Refreshing & opening

A blend of Australian native oils creating an aroma of the Australian bush. It is refreshing and stimulating and gives a sense of spaciousness. It also has antiseptic qualities to purify the air. Use to create a sense of the Aussie bush. A great gift idea for a friend going overseas who might miss the smell of Australia.

The ritual- Put a few drops in to an oil burner/diffuser & inhale the freedom and sense of open space.

Ingredients & properties

Ingredients: Kunzea, rosalina, fragonia, lemon myrtle, blue mallee gum, eucalyptus peppermint gum & lemon tea tree essential oils

Kunzea essential oil- Kunzea ambigua is a native tree which grows abundantly and wildly in south East Australia (Tasmania, Eastern Victoria and Eastern New South Wales) which is synonymous with the smell of the Australia bush.

Rosalina essential oil- Melaleuca ericifolia is a native tree which grows in the south east of Australia, especially in swampy lowlands. The oil is often referred to as Lavender tea tree, having the qualities of tea tree (antibacterial, etc.) but a more pleasant aroma.Like lavender essential oil, Rosalina is high in linalool (around 35-55%) so is quite calming and gentle.

Fragonia essential oil- Agonis fragrans is a native bush which grows on the southern coast of Western Australia. The oil which has been trademarked as fragonia, has been found by a leading French aromatherapy researcher to have a balancing  effect on the emotional system, releasing emotional blockages and bringing healing and harmony.

Lemon myrtle essential oil- Backhousia citriodora is one of the most popular and exciting new discoveries to come to the Australian range of native essential oils. The tree is found abundantly in Queensland and northern New South Wales rainforests. It has a beautiful smooth lemony aroma with good antifungal and antimicrobial properties. It is also used a lot as a herb and food flavouring in Aussie food or bush tucker.

blue mallee gum essential oil- Eucalyptus polybractea  is a traditional Eucalyptus found especially near Bendigo, Victoria and in the semi-arad area of New South Wales. It is possibly the quintessential Australian essential oil used for everything from sore mucles, colds to cleaning.

Eucalyptus peppermint gum essential oil- Eucalyptus dives is a tree commonly found in the mountain ranges west of Sydney, New South Wales. It is a very fresh and stimulating Eucalyptus oil especially used for easing breathing during colds.

It will keep for around 2-3 years if stored with lid tightly closed in a cool, dark area.

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Aussie Bush indoors

Received my bottle of Aussie Bush blend this morning, and couldn’t wait to try it. I love how the house now smells of the bush. The aroma is uplifting, and I find it inspires me to create. Recommend.

Sonia M.
Australia Australia

The Aussie Bush

Love this blue gum essential oil. When you can't go for a walk in the bush, you've got a bit of it at home.



I purchased this blend to bring the smell of the bush in to my home. It arrived in the mail packaged really well. I use it in an oil diffuser and even put a little on my wrists. It smells very natural and refreshing, like you are emerging from a deep, cool swimming hole of a creek and smelling the forest around you warmed by the afternoon sun. It has that ‘clean and pure’ smell of oil that is high quality. It’s a little more on the gentle side which is good because I didn’t want to be overpowered by eucalypt. Friends visiting my apartment have complimented how good it smells. It would be a lovely gift for foreign friends. It makes me happy to enjoy something from our incredible Australian nature. Thank you!