Pink is the colour for October: breast cancer awareness month

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Did you know that aside from skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer that women suffer from? And did you know that in Australia, 9 people every day lose their life to breast cancer? (

October is the month for breast cancer awareness. Unfortunately, most of us know someone who has suffered from breast cancer. But does this make us better in knowing and checking for the signs and symptoms? 

For the month of October, Soularoma is going pink. For every pink product bought (see the products below), Soularoma will be donating 10% of the proceeds to the McGrath foundation. In case you didn't already know, the McGrath foundation raises money to ensure that all those who need it have access to a breast nurse, free of charge, who provides physical, psychological and emotional help for those diagnosed with breast cancer.

We all need to be more breast aware & more proactive in checking & confident in detecting changes in our breasts and getting help in the early stages if we do detect changes. Do you know what is normal for your breasts? Do you have the appropriate knowledge & skills to know what is normal for your breasts and what is not? Do you check your breasts once a month around the time of your period & are you confident that you know what to look for when checking? Do you know what the signs are? Click here if you are not quite sure

The pink products which will support the McGrath Foundation for the month of october include the pink essential oils- fragonia, geranium, pink peppercornylang, ylang, balance & love; pink rollons- Turkish roselove crystal perfume & wise woman; pink mists: rose water, cool wise woman mist, and also the rose shea facial cleansing bar as well all of the mum, baby oils, birthing oils, pink linen eye pillow and pink crystals; rose quartz tumbles, raw rose quartz, rose quartz hearts. Buy a pink product for yourself or buy one for and gift it to a friend (pink is the colour of love and caring!) and know that you are supporting a worthy cause.


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