Sourcing the oils & ingredients

calendula infused oil in natural skincare products

Essential oils and carrier oils

All our ingredients, essential oils, carrier oils and plants are pure and of the highest quality to facilitate your healing. Australian essential oils and carrier oils are sourced directly from the grower, the distiller or a cooperative of farmers. International essential oils and carrier oils are purchased from a company which tests their purity and the carrier oils and butters are sourced from companies who buy directly from the cooperative using only fair trade principles ensuring a fair price. 

The principles of Soularoma

In order to create healing products, positive energy is fused with positive ingredients. Soularoma products only contain ingredients infused with positive ethical energy: sustainable, natural, wildcrafted or organic plant-based ingredients which are (as much as possible) extracted by local small-scale and fair trade businesses. Soularoma does not use any animal products, animal testing, palm oil or its derivatives in any products. Purity and quality are of the utmost importance. 

Organic or locally grown?

I believe in supporting local farmers where possible, which means that I prefer to buy unsprayed essential oils grown here in Australia which may not be organically certified, rather than buying something organic which has to be shipped from the other side of the world. There are many oils though which can't be produced here in Australia, so for these oils I source these from companies that buy only pure oils and test them for adulteration and purity. I do try to source organic citrus oils where possible though seeing these oils are extracted from the peel. 


I believe in creating products which help you look and become more positive and radiant, which also positively help local communities, thus making Soularoma products more ecologically responsible and decreasing our carbon footprint, making them positive for the earth and for you, the user. I source many ingredients from Women's cooperatives and cooperatives involving the wisdom and leadership of the indigenous peoples.

I don't support the use of ingredients which are unsustainable or endangered or are the subject of cultural controversy or cultural misappropriation. I endeavour to use the wisdom of the ancestors of our lands here in Australia in such cases.

Why essential oils

There is a focus on essential oils especially, because they are unique in allowing healing on both the psychological and the physiolological level.  Only the highest quality ingredients are used because a product is only as good as the quality of its ingredients and my intention, as well as creating positivity and mindfulness, is to rejuvenate, protect and allow healing to occur in your skin, your body, your mind and your soul. It is not only what is in the products that result in nurturing and healing, but what is not in them, and you will not find any synthetic or petrochemical ingredients in our products (that means no parabens, no PEGs, no mineral oils, no EDTA, no pthalates, or anything else that is not natural).

All products list all ingredients and the properties of those ingredients on the product page. See also blogs for showcases on individual ingredients.