Aromatherapy consultations

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An aromatherapy consultation can help you if

  • you have a health issue or concern (physical, emotional or energetic)
  • you want help with in depth questions about aromatherapy that you would like to be answered by an aromatherapist
  • you would like to develop aromatherapy blends for your business

You will feel supported in an aromatherapy consultation. It is a partnership where we  address any questions you have and go over your health concerns and at the end I make a personal bespoke blend just for you addressing and health issues you have to support you further. You will then have a follow up consultation to see how the blends I have made for you are going and to see if we need to make any changes.

Whatever your health issue may be, whether it is physical (such as skin issues: eczema, psoriasis, acne), digestive issues, emotional issues (such as anxiety) or energetic (such as balancing and grounding), there is much that aromatherapy can help and support you with.

When you pay for a 30 minute session ($55) you get one bespoke blend for free (postage included) formulated for the specific issues we have talked about and according to your affinity with the oils.

When you pay for a 60 minute session ($110) you get 2 bespoke blends for free (postage included). Additional bespoke blends are also possible with additional payment which would be discussed at the time.

You can also buy gift vouchers for a friend for an aromatherapy consultation. What a wonderful surprise that would be.

The consultations can be done over Skype or in person if you are local or nearby to Kensington.

What to expect in an aromatherapy consultation.

Prior to the consultation you receive a health history form which you need to return before the scheduled consultation. Based on that form, we then talk about your health concerns, wellness goals and expectations of the consultation.

Let's look at an example. Bridget is 37 years old, has 2 young children and works full time. So does her partner. She suffers from insomnia and anxiety and has eczema. She also has headaches. In the consultation, we would look at the history of these 4 issues and discuss what the causal factors might be. We would look into whether any of these issues are connected. We would discuss habits before bedtime and what Bridget does for self care and whether she could work something into her schedule to relax and decrease her stress and have time for herself. We would discuss what wellness goals she dreams of. I would then go away and create a blend for her (or two) which takes her lifestyle into account, and which work for a few of the concerns at the same time if possible. A week or 2 later we would again talk (follow up consultation 15 mins $20, 30 mins $35 60 mins $70.

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Training and certificates

2020 EFT & Matrix reimprinting EFT & MATRIX REIMPRINTING ACADEMY

2018 & 2019 Aromatic Kinesiology 1 & 2 with Robbi Zeck

Member of IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists)

2016 (continuing) Natural perfumery- Karen Gilbert

2014 Heart of spirit - Natural perfumery- Lyn Ayre

2013 Teaching Active Birth- Janet Balaskas

2013 CAPPA Childbirth educator- CAPPA

2012 Reiki 1&2

2012 Koshi balancing & Sei tai Shiatsu- Jeffrey Dann

2012 Diploma in kid's yoga- Rainbow Kids Yoga

2011 Baby yoga certificate- Birthlight

2011 Massage & pregnancy diploma- Well mother

2011 Aromatherapy in pregnancy- Penny Price Aromatherapy

2011 Aromatherapy for babies and children- Penny Price Aromatherapy

2009 Certificate in Hypnobirthing -The Mongan Method

2009 Diploma in remedial massage - Australian College of Massage

2008 Certified infant massage instructor- International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM)

2008 Certificate in massage- Australian College of Massage

2007 Diploma in Thai massage- Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai

2006 Diploma in aromatherapy in pregnancy - aromatherapy-studies (Gabriel Mojay)

2006 Therapeutic massage- The SEED institute

2006 - Diploma in aromatherapy & IFPA conversion -The SEED institute

2006 Diploma in Aromatherapy- Westcoast Institute of Aromatherapy

2006 Diploma in Indian Head Massage - Institute of Indian Head Massage


Aromatherapy can not be a substitute for medical treatment nor can an aromatherapist diagnose. Aromatherapy is a complementary health service.