Soapmaking classes

Cold Process Soapmaking Workshop at CERES BRUNSWICK

Get creative and learn the skill of sustainable soapmaking with our Cold Process Soapmaking Workshop! This hands-on experience is perfect for individuals who are not only curious about how to make natural, skin nourishing soap but also want to make a positive impact on the environment with more sustainable self care.

Natural soap is completely biodegradable, does not harm the environment, keeps plastic and other packaging out of landfill & is great for your skin. So come & delve into the traditional art of soapmaking, where oils and lye transform into beautifully crafted bars of soap & learn the science behind the process and gain a deep understanding of the techniques involved so that you can then make your own soap at home easily.

What you will learn in the 3 hour workshop:

  • How to make natural handmade soap using only natural ingredients with cold process soapmaking
  • Why we need lye (sodium hydroxide) & how to safely handle lye
  • What tools & equipment you will need
  • Different natural ingredients which can be added to your soap, allowing you to tailor your creations to suit your preferences and your skin needs.
  • How to colour & decorate your soaps with natural clays and other plant based ingredients
  • How to incorporate natural essential oils in your soap to boost your wellbeing
  • All about cutting & drying your soap
  • You will leave the workshop with your own handmade soaps, and instructions and skills to continue crafting your own sustainable soap at home.

Join us in this workshop to learn the art of soapmaking so that you can then make your own skin-loving natural soaps which are both good for you (your friends & your family) and the planet.

If you've ever been curious about creating your own natural artisanal soaps from scratch, this hands-on experience is designed for you

No experience is necessary.

Dates for 2024 at CERES BRUNSWICK

May 25 10am to 1pm

July 21 10am to 1pm

August 24 10am to 1pm

September 21st 10am to 1pm

November 16th 10am to 1pm


What to bring-

clean & washed milk cartons or tetra packs, or silicon loaf pans. The containers need to be reasonably flexible so as to get the soap out when it hardens. You will be taking about 1 litre/kilo of soap home with you, so bring enough containers for that. Round tubes can also work such as Pringles packets, or even takeaway containers.

Safety goggles (which can be purchased cheaply from Bunnings)

Mask to prevent the inhalation of fumes

Optional-Dried flowers that you may want to decorate your soaps with (you will also be provided with a couple of choices)- colours can be effected I the soap drying process.

Optional- 10-25ml of pure essential oil if you want your soap to have a scent (not fragrance oils)

Jo, the founder of Soularoma, is your expert guide for this workshop. Jo has been making and selling natural palm oil free soap for more than 10 years