Life passes quickly and we rarely slow down to make space in our busy lives for our skin and body, let alone our soul. Taking time with simple, positive and nurturing rituals can help us become more mindful and let our soul shine. By taking a few minutes everyday to nurture yourself, you can be in the best space to nurture those who are close to you. Embrace the power of the mind, start breathing in the affirmations and start treating your skin and soul to the best that nature can offer.  Become more mindful, embrace natural beauty and be in harmony with nature. Resonate with positive natural energy.
Live in the moment, slow down and embrace natural rituals which are beneficial for your skin and your soul and let your positive radiance shine through. That's what we call positive skincare.   


At Soularoma, we bottle positivity so that you can get your daily infusion. All the products are overflowing with positivity in the form of pure plant goodness and a positive message (affirmation) which intermingle, producing pure therapy to nurture your skin and your soul. This brings your radiant self to the fore and nudges you on your journey of healing with positivity and mindfulness.

My name is Jo Harris and I am the founder of Soularoma. Positivity, gratitude and mindfulness are concepts that did not come to me easily, yet when people around me shared their experiences of these valuable life affirming concepts, something resonated deep down. And so my journey of discovery began. It started with my pregnancy when I began to really understand how powerful the mind really is in determining the circumstances of our life and its influence on how we perceive our life. I first used these concepts to help prepare for a positive natural birth experience and I found them so influential and effective that I also started to teach other pregnant women the techniques I had learned (for the pregnant mamas see here), only to be overwhelmed by incredibly positive birth experiences and very satisfied mums and dads. This then led me to enlist the help of my own teacher so that I could embrace these concepts in my own life more generally. Since then I have seen amazing results, for myself and for others who have embarked on similar journeys. It is these experiences that have encouraged me to bring Soularoma into being where the beauty of natural, organic or wild-crafted botanical healing is integrated with positivity in the form of affirmations. This makes the products even more healing, not just on a physical level but also on a higher level, that of the soul. Imagine healing your soul by anointing yourself with beautiful balms, oils and natural perfumes that work on so many levels and turning skincare into a healing ritual of self-care that everyone can greatly benefit from. This is my small contribution in healing the world .

I was born and raised on the land and have a strong affinity with the Australian bush. When I was a kid, I was playing around with making potions, from mud, eucalytpus leaves, native flowers and weeds and smearing them on my face and body. Soon, I was making real potions with essential oils and other botanical ingredients. I then found myself teaching in foreign countries but with none of the natural products or ingredients around that I had previously taken for granted. It took me some time to find my real path, but find it I did. I knew exactly what I needed to do and that was to learn how to make top quality natural products myself. As soon as I started learning professionally about aromatherapy and herbs, and then started making the first trial products, my friends, who were very supportive and curious, started requesting that I make more products so that they could use to use them too. So I did. As I made the products, I gave them to my friends and those products developed with the feedback that I received and my learning never stopped. Then, when I started infusing my products with positivity and affirmations, which I had started embracing in my daily life, I received a lot of inspiring feedback. I had found my mission. Positive natural skincare and aromatherapy to help you slow down, nurture and heal yourself and your soul and being at peace with oneself and the world through mindfulness; living in the present moment with delight and gratitude.

I met some of the producers of the plant materials I was using so that I could see the growing and extracting processes and learn more about these plants and also meet the people who were growing or extracting these ingredients. The importance of local and sustainable really started to resonate. All this time I was coming back to Australia to replenish my supplies. I missed home greatly and especially missed the amazing Australian aromas that fill one's senses with freedom, gratitude and space. I saw also that some of these Australian ingredients were being harvested by traditional aboriginal communities and that this harvesting allowed them to continue their traditional lifestyle on the land. I saw that my love affair with Australian ingredients was positive for all and decided as much as possible to make the focus of the Soularoma products around local Australian ingredients.