Why we need more trees

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April is Earth month and today, April 22nd is Earth Day.

Did you know that Earth Day is celebrating its 51st year of existence? It all started in 1970 allowing the birth of an environmental movement along with a voice for environmental consciousness in the United States and then worldwide. This then saw the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency and the start of the passing of many laws to protect the environment. In 1990 Earth day became global and now 193 countries are involved. 

I love any excuse to celebrate the earth, so to celebrate Earth Day, Soularoma is donating to One Tree Planted. For every online order received from 22nd April to 30th April, Soularoma will buy trees to be planted in Australia from One Tree Planted.

Why do we need more trees? 

More trees means:

  • Protection for our climate by reducing climate change.
  • Cleaner air (more oxygen) and less carbon dioxide and other pollutants (e.g. nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide,  smoke, etc) in our atmosphere.
  • Better water filtration, less flooding and a reduction in waterslide erosion.
  • More habitat for native wildlife and native flora and healthier forest ecosystems which means more biodiversity.
  • More protection from bushfires. Younger, healthier forests helps reduce the impact of bushfires.
  • More trees, means more vegetation, less erosion and better soil quality.
  • Cooler temperatures. Did you know that trees can reduce the ambient temperature by upto 8 degrees celsius (One Tree Planted)
  • Better mental health for us humans when we take a walk in them, smell them or even just look at them through our windows. Did you know that the Japanese even have a word for being in forests and soaking up the sense of being in a forest (of course they do!). Translated into English, it is forest bathing or shinrin-yoku. 
  • More jobs in sustainable forestry.
one tree planted

    So all you need to do is decide on your order and Soularoma will do her part for mother earth by donating 10% of every online order to One Tree Planted. So what are you waiting for start buying your favourite natural aromatherapy products now.


    And by the way, seeing you have read until here, that means you must love trees. Did you know that Soularoma has some fabulous tree essential oils? From fresh & uplifting pine, rejuvenating forest fresh, grounding cedarwood , courage instilling cypress, head clearing eucalyptus, kunzea, inspiring Aussie bush blend, soothing black spruce, celebratory Christmas tree blend, euphoria inducing frankincense, protective juniper berry antibacterial tea tree and soothing sandalwood

     Photo from Unsplash by Arnaud Mesureur


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