Sweet dreams pillow mist- lavender mist

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Relaxing & restorative

Soothe and quieten your mind. Relax, let go and sink into the comfort of your bed. Focus on your breath and go within. This sweet dreams pillow mist is infused with lavender, a well known oil for sleep, and a touch of vetiver, a root essential oil to help you be grounded and for your chattering mind to rest. 


I sleep easily  & wake up refreshed

The ritual:

Spray on to your pillow or around your body at any time when sleep or calm is needed. Breathe deeply and repeat the affirmation. Shake before use. 

Ingredients & properties:

Australian lavender - relaxing, calming & sedative 

Ingredients: distilled water, lavender & vetiver essential oil, potassium sorbate, cocoyl proline (natural solubiliser derived from coconut)