Bamboo essential oil inhaler

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Environmentally friendly & convenient

Crafted entirely from bamboo, this essential oil inhaler is both lightweight convenience & environmental consciousness in one. What makes this bamboo inhaler an exceptional diffuser of your favourite oils are the holes in the diffuser and the porous nature of bamboo. No more complaints from your office buddies or your partner about your choice of essential oils in the diffuser. This diffuser is discrete, lightweight & fits easily into your pocket or bag.  Your favourite oil will always be within reach now when needed.

This bamboo inhaler offers  offering swift on-the-spot relief for a multitude of ailments. Your only problem now is which oil to put in it! 

Included with the bamboo inhaler are three cotton wicks, providing you with the flexibility to effortlessly switch oils based on your requirements and mood.

The ritual: Disassemble your inhaler & add 10-15 drops of essential oils to the cotton wick. Reassemble & breathe in as you need. Easily carried in your bag or pocket.