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Black spruce essential oil

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Picea mariana 

Black spruce is refreshing, cooling, soothing. According to Robbi Zweck it moves one from feeling defeated to being motivated and can help provide insight. It is a great oil for stress & anxiety for getting through life changes. It can also aid forgiveness. 

Physically it is good for muscular aches & pains and inflammation and helps to decrease feelings of exhaustion and keep energy levels high. It is a very supportive oil for healthy lung function, the immune system and clear breathing and is highly antibacterial. 


Black spruce blends well with orange, frankincense, pine, fir, cypress, juniper berry & lavender.  

It is steam distilled from the needles.

It will keep for up to  4 years if stored with lid tightly closed in a cool, dark area.


Photo by Andy Holmes from Unsplash