Bottom balm

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This is an intensive moisture rich balm that is designed to protect baby's bottom from wetness and keep the skin moisturised. The balm is formulated with Australian organic olive oil which has been infused for many weeks with skin loving and nurturing herbs. In addition, it contains organic castor oil and organic fair trade shea butter and Australian grown Jojoba oil, all added to the formula for their skin nourishing properties.

The ritual- apply to baby’s bottom after each nappy change and treat your own hands as well. Say the affirmation to your baby “I bond deeply & easily with my baby”

Properties & ingredients

Soothing – organic infused calendula oil, organic plantain infused oil

Emollient (enhances skin hydration) – candelilla wax, organic castor oil, organic comfrey infused oil

Healing – organic shea butter, organic calendula infused oil, organic comfrey infused oil, organic lavender essential oil, organic chamomile essential oil

Protecting – candelilla wax, organic shea butter

Candelilla- emollient & forms a barrier to enhance skin hydration, protective, vegan suitable

Ingredients: olive oil, plantain, comfrey*, calendula*,

shea butter*, candelilla wax, castor oil*, jojoba oil, lavender & chamomile essential oils


Suitable for vegans