Chevron amethyst tumble stones

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Affirmation: As I allow myself to relax, I feel peaceful & calm.

Amethyst has a high spiritual vibration, making it a highly protective crystal as well as heightening psychic powers. It calms mind chatter, irritation & balances moods. When you have found your silence, amethyst allows you to hear your answers (sometimes in your dreams). It is great for sleep difficulties, especially for shift workers or when suffering from jet lag. It is healing, cleansing & gives a sense of peace & is useful for life changes, dissolving emotional blocks. It is useful for OCD.

How to use it: carry it in your pocket/bag. Sleep with it next to your bed, meditate with it & program it with an affirmation. Cleanse it with running water & charge it with the full moon.

All crystals have been ethically sourced.

Crystals are intuitively picked for you. If there is a specific one that you would like, please state in the comments of your order. You can also ask to see the crystals via video chat to choose yourself if you prefer.