Citrine points

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Citrine: I attract abundance into my life

This is the stone for abundance, wealth, joy, creativity & happiness. It is radiant, re-energising & revitalizing. It helps to raise self esteem and confidence. Citrine is useful for absorbing negative & toxic emotions/ energy. It is also calming to the stomach. Citrine works with the solar plexus (our power centre).

How to use it: carry it in your pocket/wallet/bag to attract abundance, especially when doing things related to money or sales. Meditate with it & program it with an affirmation. Cleanse it with running water. It is believed that citrine never needs recharging. It helps to energize other crystals. If you feel it is necessary, allow it to soak in some sunshine to recharge.

In case you didn't know this citrine is not natural but is heat treated amethyst which is what gives it that lovely deep orange colour. 

All crystals have been ethically sourced.

Crystals are intuitively picked for you. If there is a specific one that you would like, please state in the comments of your order. You can also ask to see the crystals via video chat to choose yourself if you prefer.