Clean & fresh essential oil blend

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Fresh & invigorating

Are you looking for an essential oil blend to add some style and substance to your cleaning regime? This blend is designed especially for cleaning and is packed with extra antibacterial strength. This essential oil blend is a synergy of powerful and refreshing blend of native Australian essential oils of eucalyptus, lemon ironbark, niaouli & fragonia essential oils, all of which have very powerful antibacterial properties. This blend is NOT suitable for use on the skin but are very useful for cleaning. 

How to use: Add to the mop bucket, add a few drops to the washing on a handkerchief or with vinegar in the softener compartment of your washing machine. Use as a germ killer with a spray when cleaning surfaces of benches and such. Drop a few drops into the toilet. 

Ingredients: eucalyptus radiata, lemon ironbark, niaouli & fragonia essential oils.