Clear quartz tumbles

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Affirmation: Every cell in my body vibrates with energy, health & clarity

This is the most versatile stone for general healing. It is often referred to as a master healer. It stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance. Clear quartz is a great stone for clarity & reflection and helps you to get clear on your goals and on the way to manifesting them. It amplifies the intention you program it with. It also helps to eliminate mental clutter, so that your mind becomes as “clear as crystal'. Clear quartz has a very high vibration & helps you align with your higher self and likes to assist you on your spiritual growth journey.

How to use it: carry it in your pocket/bag. Put it in areas of your home or office which have seen emotional disturbances, meditate with it & program it with an affirmation. Cleanse it with running water & charge it with the sun or the moon