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Forest fresh essential oil blend

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Without going outside, expose yourself to the benefits of forest bathing (a translation from the Japanese term shirinyoku) with this forest rich blend of essential oils.

The blend consists of black spruce, pine, juniper & Himalayan cedarwood essential oils.

Black spruce is refreshing, cooling, soothing. According to Robbi Zweck it moves one from feeling defeated to being motivated.  It is a great oil for stress & anxiety and helps decrease feelings of exhaustion and keep energy levels high. It is a very supportive oil for healthy lung function.

Pine is helpful to decongest. It supports during the cold & flu season by supporting healthy lung functioning & the respiratory system. It is a calming & supportive oil. 

Juniper is detoxifying, invigorating and helps dispel negative energy. It also helps support healthy lung function and the immune system. It has protective properties for the mind & spirit & us fortifying. 

Himalayan cedarwood promotes feelings of security and comfort. Induces a sense of peace and is very calming. It supports the respiratory system and the immune system. 


The aroma is very cleansing, fresh and grounding. 

Use in a diffuser.

It will keep for around 2-3 years if stored with lid tightly closed in a cool, dark area.