Gift pack - new baby & momma pack

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1 x100ml teeny weeny massage oil or calm baby massage oil

1 x 55g bottom balm

1 x 15g nipple balm

1 x10ml calm momma or joyful momma

This pack is ideal for gifting to someone special who has just had a new baby and is a natural momma, only wanting to apply natural & cruelty free products to her baby and herself. All the products are natural (including many organic ingredients) and vegan suitable. Inside this lovely gift pack you will find 1 x 100ml baby massage oil which is formulated from naturally grown (without chemicals & pesticides) Australian jojoba oil. You can also choose calm baby oil x100ml which has the essential oils of lavender, Roman chamomile & mandarin added for their calming properties for the baby over 3 months old. You will also find 1 x 55g jar of bottom balm formulated with Australian organic olive oil which has been infused for many weeks with skin loving and nurturing herbs. Now let's not forget momma, she really deserves a little natural love & attention to in this period, so the pack also contains 1 x 15g natural Nipple repair balm which also contains skin loving & healing herbs to nourish & protect the nipples, and as well their is an essential oil roll-on. You can choose 'calm momma' which is Tasmanian grown lavender in Australian jojoba oil or 'joyful momma' which is a more uplifting citrus aroma with bergamot, orange & Australian lemon myrtle essential oils. You can find more details about the products in the individual product listings. Gift wrapped with a small card and sent to the special momma directly if that is what you would like. Just leave a note with the mum's name and address and say 'gift' in the 'special instructions for seller' section before you go to checkout.