Head clear: kids essential oil blend

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Relieving & gentle

This blend contains the very gentle & mild essential oils of myrtle & rosalina which are safe and very suitable for kids. They offer support when your child is suffering from winter sniffles.

The ritual: The blend can be used in a diffuser or just 1 drop on a tissue for the child to smell. For older children (5+) the oils could be used in a hot steam bath where the child covers her/his head with a towel and inhales the aromatic steam with 2 drops in a glass bowl of hot water. Put 1 drop on a tissue and put next to their pillow at night. 

Ingredients & properties:

Myrtle essential oil - Myrtus communis is used for its expectorant properties and is thus very useful for respiratory complaints. Because it is very gentle, it is ideal for use for children's respiratory complaints. 

Rosalina - Melaleuca ericifolia is a gentle Australian native used for its antibacterial qualities. It is also known as lavender tea tree so is similar to tea tree in its antibacterial actions but much more gentle, thus is a suitable oil to reach for when treating children's respiratory issues. Due to its high linalool content, it is calming and thus a good choice to use at night. 

Shelf life: It will keep for 3-4 years if stored with lid tightly closed in a cool, dark area.