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Honey myrtle essential oil

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Melaleuca teretifolia - Australia

Honey myrtle has a beautiful sweet honey and lemon aroma reminiscent of the Australian bush. It is uplifting, imbibes positivity, confidence, helps concentration and helps relieve stress.

Physically it is very strongly antibacterial due to the high citral content (citral can be also quite sensitising for the skin though). Honey myrtle oil is also useful for the respiratory system. 

It is one of the 3 Melaleuca species offered by Soularoma. The other 2 are tea tree Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree), Melaleuca ericifolia (rosalina).

It blends well with other Australian native oils, citrus oils, lavender & vetiver.

It is steam distllled from the flowering heads, twigs, leaves & stems.

It will keep for around 2-3 years after opening if stored with lid tightly closed in a cool, dark area.


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