Lime essential oil

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Citrus aurantifolia Victoria

Refreshing & crisp

Aroma: Lime essential oil is refreshing, tart and bright.

Properties: It has motivating, uplifting & energizing qualities. Like the sunshine it can provide a boost to help relieve stress, anxiety and depression. 

Physically, it has an affinity with the digestive system (cramps, spasms & gas) and the skin. It may help with  acne and oily skin.

Blends with: cedarwood, other citrus oils, clary sage,  lavender, patchouli & vetiver.

It is cold expressed from the peel. 

Shelf life: It will keep for around 1-2 years if stored with lid tightly closed in a cool, dark area. 

*Lime should not be applied to the skin before exposure to sunlight as it is photosensitive. 


The photo is by Ws from unsplash