Muscle Balm

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Relieving & soothing

Soothe and relieve your tired and aching muscles.  Arnica is the hero ingredient of this muscle balm, which is a herb which has been long used for aching muscles & joints, bruises and sport recovery. Warming essential oils are infused into the balm to provide comforting relief. 

The ritual: apply the balm to aching areas & repeat the affirmation. It may help to cover the area once the balm is applied with plastic wrap (or another occlusive cover to aid absorption) and then place a heat pack on the affected area or ice if the injury has just occurred.

Affirmation: My body repairs itself

Properties & ingredients:

Arnica (organic) - a strongly anti-inflammatory plant, historically used for muscular aches & pains, soft tissue injuries.

Olive oil (organic) - highly emollient, moisturising & protective

Kunzea essential oil - can be useful for sore muscles and joints

Black pepper essential oil - a very warming oil, can be helpful for muscular & skeletal issues

Ginger essential oil - a very warming oil, can be helpful for aches & pains

Ingredients: Organic arnica petals infused in Victorian extra virgin olive oil, organic sesame oil, candelilla wax, kunzea, black pepper & ginger essential oils.