Natural essential oil diffuser

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Hello to plastic-free, beautiful and natural uniquely Australian essential oil diffusing. This is a great option for eco-friendly and sustainable essential oil diffusing.

Here is the banksia essential oil diffuser, also known as the banksia scent pot. It is collected sustainably in Western Australian forests (regulated by Western Australian Forestry) after the seeds have popped. These pots are handcrafted on the Gold Coast and are around 6 to 7cm in diameter. 

The ritual: Put in 20 -40 drops. When the scent pot doesn't give off an aroma anymore, refill the pot. Different scents can be used.

Good to know: The scent pot is not as intense as a conventional diffuser but it does give off a natural level of aroma and may be better for smaller spaces, such as your desk and a bathroom or toilet.

The pod is porous and this is why it works so well as a diffuser. Because of this you may want to put something underneath the pot to protect the surface it is on, especially if the surface is varnished. 

The pot is tested with eucalyptus essential oil and so is very aromatic for some time after being sent to you.

All banksia pods are unique and individual, due to being handcrafted and there are slight variations in size.

This is sold in a gift box which can also fit 2 x 5ml essential oil bottles.