Natural crystal perfume- grounded & centred

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Wondering what grounded and centred actually means? To be grounded means to be more aware of yourself and be more mindful, to not be swayed by other people or their emotions and being less reactive. Being centred means that we are able to come back to our centre if we do find ourselves ungrounded or less mindful than we should be or more reactive. It refers to finding a sense of balance within ourselves.

Grounding & centering

Natural perfume infused with smoky quartz crystals & positive intention. Allows you to feel more centred, grounded and connected to your body, safe and secure.

The ritual: apply to pulse points, breathe deeply & repeat the affirmation.

Affirmation: I am open to all possibilities

Top notes: cardamom, black spruce

Middle notes: clove bud

Base notes: Australian sandalwood, atlas cedarwood, patchouli, blue cypress

Infused with intention into a base of jojoba oil. Regular use, in conjunction with affirmations, will help you achieve a more secure & confident mindset.

Ingredients: jojoba oil, smoky quartz crystal chips, cedarwood, spruce, cardamom, Australian sandalwood, Australian blue cypress, clove bud & patchouli essential oils