Natural crystal perfume- love

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Loving & supportive

Natural perfume infused with loving energy of rose quartz crystals & positive intention. It promotes love, compassion & forgiveness.

The ritual: apply to pulse points, breathe deeply & repeat the affirmation.

The affirmation: I open my heart easily

Top notes: orange

Middle notes: geranium, rose

Base notes:  Australian sandalwood, labdanum, benzoin 

Infused with rose quartz & positive loving intention into a base of jojoba oil. Regular use, in conjunction with affirmations, will help your heart open and be more loving & compassionate towards yourself & others. 

Ingredients: jojoba oil, frankincense, Australian sandalwood, geranium, labdanum, fragonia, lavender, cardamom, orange*, petitgrain, palmarosa, rose, jasmine & ylang ylang essential oils & benzoin crystals