Natural crystal perfume - peace

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Peaceful & deepening

Natural perfume infused with amethyst crystals & peaceful intention. Great for peace of mind, harmony, or for meditation & mindfulness.

The ritual: apply to pulse points, breathe deeply & repeat the affirmation.

Affirmation: I create peace in my life

Top notes: fragonia, rosalina

Middle notes: coriander, elemi

Base notes: Australian sandalwood, frankincense, opoponax

Infused with intention into a base of jojoba oil and amethyst crystals for their peace infusing properties. Regular use, in conjunction with affirmations, will help you achieve a more peaceful mindset.

Ingredients: jojoba oil, amethyst crystal chips, fragonia, frankincense, rosalina, Australian sandalwood, coriander, elemi, opoponax, buddha wood & peru balsam essential oils