Pink pepper essential oil

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Schinus molle L Australia (NSW)

Pink pepper has a long history of being used in herbal medicine by indigenous populations in South America for many and varied aliments. It is known as the Brazilian peppertree. 

Aroma: Fruity, fresh, warm, earthy & spicy

Properties: Energizing & uplifting and useful for staying alert. Pink pepper is good when seeking clarity.  Physically it is a good oil for the body, sore muscles and winter ailments  It is useful to diffuse or use as a chest rub (diluted) for respiratory complaints. It is promotes healthy circulation when used in a massage/body oil. Pink pepper essential oil is also very useful for digestive complaints. It has antibacterial, antifungal & antiseptic properties and research shows that it has powerful antioxidant properties. Traditional uses included issues with the female reproductive cycle. 

Blends with: it is used most often in blends and blends easily with most oils especially citrus, floral & spice oils.

It is steam distilled from the leaves & branches 

Shelf life: It will keep for up to 3 years if stored with lid tightly closed in a cool, dark area.


*Don't use or store with homeopathic preparations.