Soothing sandalwood essential oil rollon

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Soothing, sweet & meditative

Allow sandalwood to elevate your inner peace

Crafted with the purest Australian sandalwood oil, diluted in Australian jojoba oil, this convenient roll-on is your gateway to serenity, peace, and natural well-being. Discover the allure of sandalwood's timeless aroma,  in a convenient, easy-to-use form.

100% Pure Sandalwood Oil: We source our sandalwood oil from the finest sustainably harvested trees, co-crafted by indigenous Australians. 

Easy application: The convenient roll-on design allows you to carry and apply this soothing natural roll-on in your bag with ease.

Calming and soothing: Sandalwood is renowned for its ability to reduce stress, anxiety, and promote mental clarity. It's your bottle of tranquility in a busy world.

Natural Perfume: Enhance your aura with a captivating, natural & therapeutic sandalwood aroma. Perfect for daily wear or special occasions.

Aromatherapy On-The-Go: Carry the soothing essence of sandalwood with you, wherever you go. Perfect for busy professionals, travellers, and wellness enthusiasts.

Sustainable & Ethical: We're committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing, ensuring the protection of sandalwood trees and their ecosystems.


I open my heart to love

The ritual:

Apply to pulse points (wrists, neck, temple etc), breathe deeply & repeat the affirmation & allow your soul to be uplifted

Ingredients & properties:

Jojoba oil - from western NSW grown without pesticides is a neutral & stable base for essential oils to be applied to the skin

Sandalwood essential oil- calming, grounding. relaxing, soothing, may help anxiety, mental clarity, meditation and spiritual practices. Good for all skin types.

jojoba oil, Australian sandalwood essential oil

Our Australian sandalwood comes from Western Australia and is co-crafted by indigenous Australians.