Smoky quartz Points

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Smoky quartz: I am grounded, safe & hopeful

Smoky quartz is a powerful cleansing crystal for removing pain, fear, negativity & stress. It is also calming, detoxifying & useful for absorbing anger, misfortune & sorrow. It is calming, helps with sleep & protects from nightmares. Smoky quartz is useful in intuiting what you need to let go of and how to move forward in your life. It helps manic obsessiveness & confusion. Smoky quartz is protective against electromagnetic smog. When driving, it protects against road rage & car breakdowns & theft. It is grounding & stabilising & restores physical energy after illness or depression & helps with chronic pain.

How to use it: carry it in your pocket/bag. Sleep with it under your pillow or next to your bed. Meditate with it to stabilise & to expand your consciousness. Program it with an affirmation. Cleanse it with running water often & charge it with the earth.