Christmas tree essential oil blend

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Love the smell of a real Christmas tree but don't like the idea of chopping a tree down? Get this Christmas tree essential oil blend and experience the freedom of the heady cocktail of the forest smell at Christmas. 
Experience the refreshing and uplifting essence of a coniferous forest, complete with the sharp, sweet, and invigorating aroma of the holiday season. While a real Christmas tree can be a beautiful addition to your festivities, we understand the space and environmental concerns. That's why we offer the perfect solution – our Christmas tree essential oil blend, designed for your diffuser. Embrace the freedom and festive spirit it brings, all without the need of cutting down a tree.

The ritual: Put a few drops in to an oil burner/diffuser & inhale the freedom and festive spirit of connection. You can also drop a couple of drops on to your Christmas tree. 

Ingredients & benefits:

Pine essential oil Pinus sylvestris Refreshing, clearing and energizing. 

Black spruce essential oil Picea mariana Clear, crisp and warming. Uplifting, stimulating, freeing but grounding. Just like being in a forest. 

Fir essential oil:  Albies pectinata Calming & grounding, representative of the original Christmas tree smell

Cypress essential oil Cupressus semperverins Woody, grounding, refreshing and protective.

Himalayan cedarwood essential oil Cedrus deodora Strengthening, sweet, woody and grounding

Shelf life: It will keep for around 2-3 years if stored with lid tightly closed in a cool, dark area.

Ingredients: pine, black spruce, cypress & Himalayan cedarwood essential oils 

Christmas tree photo from Unsplash by Oana Craciun