Face cleansing bar soap -Rose shea butter

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Gentle Face & Body Cleansing Bar with Organic Shea Butter, Argan & Rosehip oil

Experience the beauty of gentle and effective cleansing with our natural facial soap bar. Formulated specifically for delicate and sensitive facial skin, our facial bar is enriched with the moisturizing qualities of organic shea butter and organic argan oil. Additionally Infused with the calming scents of geranium, lavender, and elemi essential oils, this gentle cleansing bar offers a nurturing touch for both face and body.

This natural face soap is ideal for all skin types, although especially nurturing for dry, sensitive and mature skins, making it a versatile addition to your daily skincare routine.


I make time for myself

The ritual: 

Wet your face and gently lather soap between the hands & apply to the lather to your face or body, massaging in upward circular motions while repeating the affirmation. Rinse thoroughly and pat your skin dry.

Store away from water and use a soap holder that allows the soap to dry easily in between uses. 

Ingredients & properties: 

Olive oil (extra virgin) - moisturising, mild cleansing

Coconut oil (organic) - cleansing, lathering

Castor oil (organic)- small lathering bubbles, moisturising, cleansing

Shea butter (organic & fairtrade sourced from a womens cooperative in Ghana) - moisturising, hydrating, emollient, anti-inflammatory & soothing

Argan oil (organic & fairtrade- sourced from a women's cooperative in Morroco)- hydrating, high in vitamin E, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory

Rosehip oil (organic)- hydrating, moisturizing, antin-inflammatory, regenerating

Geranium essential oil - balancing, reduces stress & anxiety, tightens the skin

Lavander essential oil- healing & energising greatly improving the appearance of skin, purifies & balances skin

Elemi essential oil- tonic for the complexion, great for skin conditions, balances skin & reduces stress

Ingredients: saponified of olive, coconut*, castor*,  shea butter*, argan oil*, geranium essential oils, lavander & elemi essential oils