Natural solubiliser

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Are you trying to create your own mists or potion with essential oils? This palm oil free natural solubiliser,(derived only from coconut and almonds)  allows essential oils and water to blend together, making it safer for you to apply your beautiful creations onto your skin. It is gentle, non-toxic & non allergenic.

Put the solubiliser into your bottle, then drop the essential oils in. See below for the ratio of solbiliser to essential oils then mix with water.  Shake before use. 

*This solubiliser will make your mist/blend look milky/opaque.

Ratio guidelines from 2 to 5 parts solubiliser: 1 part essential oil

Subtle 1% - 50mL water- 1-2.5mL natural solubiliser- 12drops essential oils (.5mL)

Regula 2% - 50 mL water- 3-7.5mL natural solubiliser - 37 drops essential oils (1.5mL)

Strong 5% - 50mL water - 5-12.5mL natural solubiliser - 60drops essential oils (2.5mL)


INCI: Polysorbate 20 (non palm oil source-coconut derived) & PEG-60 Almond glycerides