Cool wise woman mist

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Cooling & comforting

A cooling blend to help cool down women of a certain age going through the 'shift'  or to cool down with summer heat or drying air conditioning or heating. 

It can be misted over makeup and comes in a handy size which can be carried around in your bag so that you never have to be without it. You can even keep it in the fridge to enhance its cooling powers.

The ritual: spray around or onto your face, neck, chest and back of the neck or inner wrists.  Breathe deeply and repeat the affirmation.  Shake before use.

Affirmation: I am comfortable with change

Ingredients & properties:

Rose water - cooling, helps release anger energy & heat energy, calming, comforting, refreshing & soothing

Geranium - balancing & regulating, uplifting, can be useful for stress & anxiety, brings harmony, clears heat, strengthening

Clary sage - balancing, induces a euphoric feeling, calming, eases tension & promotes clarity, opens you to your intuition, strengthening, uplifting

Peppermint - cooling, invigorating, promotes alertness, promotes clarity, helps you connect to your purpose, strengthening, refreshing, promotes emotional tolerance

Ingredients: rose water, geranium, clary sage & essential oils, potassium sorbate, cocoyl proline (coconut derived solubiliser)