Meditation mist

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Deepening & quietening

Your companion during meditation and yoga nidra. Transform and quiet your mind & drop into the stillness of your soul with this deepening blend of essential oils. Or just enjoy the mist as a most beautiful peaceful aroma.

Ingredients & properties:

Frankincense- deepens & slows breathing, enhances spirituality, 

Cedarwood- grounding, lessens anxiety, promotes inward focus & strengthens connection with source energy

Elemi- enhances meditation, inspiring, calming, soothing & may help activate intuition 

Clary sage- euphoric, inspiring, calming, reduces depression & clears negative energies

Lavender- calming, relaxing & quiets mental chatter

Myrrh- calming, protective, enhances spirituality & may assist in allowing hidden emotions to surface

Australian sandalwood- calming, relaxing, heart opening & encourages trust

Ingredients: distilled water, frankincense, cedarwood, elemi, clary sage*, lavender, myrrh & Australian sandalwood, potassium sorbate, cocoyl proline (natural solubiliser derived from coconut)