Travel therapy : night - essential oils for travel

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Relaxing & balancing

Take the jet lag and exhaustion out of travel with this specially created relaxing & balancing roll on so that you can feel rejuvenated and energetic on any journey. This restorative blend of essential oils for travel supports the body and mind to rest before, during or after travel so as to help you to feel balanced & adjusted, no matter how long the journey.

The ritual:

Apply to pulse points, breathe deeply & repeat affirmation.


I rest easily & comfortably

Ingredients & properties:

Fragonia - balancing for the emotion & can be useful for jetlag. 

Lemongrass -  reviving, refreshing & can help with balancing hormones,  exhaustion, fatigue & jetlag. 

Australian lavender - relaxing, reduces stress & exhaustion, sedating

Geranium -  helps to balance to mood, decreases stress

Ingredients: jojoba oil, lemongrass*, fragonia, lavender & geranium essential oils