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Unwind rollon

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Releasing & uplifting

A blend of Australian golden jojoba & Tasmanian lavender essential oil which is of great help in times when you need to be embraced by calm, let go of tension or deal with a stressful situation.

 The ritual: apply to pulse points, breathe deeply & repeat the affirmation.

Affirmation: I release tension & stress easily

Ingredients & properties:

Australian lavender - Relaxing & calming

Himalayan cedarwood - grounding, soothing, it is known to decrease anger & fear

Bergamot - uplifting & refreshing. Is is known to decrease stress & anxiety. It is a happy oil. 

Litsea cubeba - uplifting, decreases stress & simulating. 

Ingredients: Australian golden jojoba, litsea cubeba, bergamot, Tasmanian lavender & Himalayan cedarwood essential oils


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