Coconut velvet cleansing bar

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Gentle & mild 

Nourish and cleanse your body with this gentle and mild natural soap. Enriched with calendula infused oil & organic coconut milk, this unscented soap has been created with even the most sensitive skin in mind, suitable even for newborn babies.

The ritual:

Lather soap onto the body & repeat the affirmation. Store away from water and allow to dry in between uses. Use a soap holder with bars to allow soap to dry easily.


I am supported & loved

Ingredients & properties: 

Olive oil (extra virgin) - moisturising, mild cleansing

Coconut oil (organic)- cleansing, lathering

Castor oil (organic)- small lathering bubbles, moisturising, cleansing

Coconut milk (organic) - moisturising, ideal for problem skin, anti-inflammatory

Shea butter (organic & fairtrade) - moisturising, hydrating, anti-inflammatory 

Calendula flowers (organic) - relieves & soothes, idea for problem skin, improves the appearance of skin

Ingredients: saponified  oil of olive, coconut (organic), castor (organic), coconut milk(organic), sunflower (organic), shea butter (organic) & calendula flowers (organic)

100 or 110g